In the premises of our lodge seminars on different topics take place frequently.
Topics concerning Jewish and Christian holidays – (Silent Night Christmas Eve).
During the Middle ages many pogroms against Jews in the ghettos took place on Chirstian holidays. So was for example the name „Silent Night“ explained by Rabbi Andrew Steinman that Jews behaved "STILL" on that night - quietly, so as not to raise the anger of Christians.
This was a very intersting seminar.

2007 the first Yound Adult Forum of B'nai B'rith Europe took place in Frankfurt and was co-organized by our lodge. Ralph Hofmann, president of the Frankfurt Lodge and past president of B'nai B'rith Europe had the idea to establish such a forum. For him it is of ad most importance to integrate young people . Thus, the first forum of its kind in Frankfurt took place at his initiative. 180 young people came together. Forums in Rome, Brussels, Zurich, Berlin and London followed. 2013, a seminar was held in lodge at the European level Young people from all over Europe came together and discussed topics on the current situation.
The forums were a great success. Now the Frankfurt lodge has determined these forums as seminars and continue to perform this in a smaller form - without B'nai B'rith Europe as a partner, but with partner lodges. But not in connection with B'nai B'rith Europe.