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Projects in Germany and Israel

The B’nai B’rith Schönstadt Lodge in Frankfurt supports specific projects. We support Jewish people who are in need as well as organisations, old peoples‘ homes and other social projects both in Frankfurt and in Israel and in Eastern Europe.

We are able to select our projects on a needs basis. So, for instance, during the time when there were a lot of suicide attacks in Israel, we were able to provide support by donating to projects that were designed to help the victims of such attacks. Our donations helped to finance rehabilitation initiatives and we also donated money to the relatives of the deceased.

We also help to support a B’nai B’rith old peoples‘ home in Haifa. Many Holocaust survivors live in this home. Last year, we donated money to the home so that they could carry out renovation work.

We support organizations in Frankfurt which provide for Jewish people in need and we also help to support individual Jewish people who are in need. Our motto is „Do good and don’t talk about it“. For this reason, we are not able to give details either about particular projects or about any specific individuals that our donations have helped to support.

We have supported a project in connection with the war in Gaza that was brought to our attention by the Keren Hayessod Foundation Fund. However, we actually donated the money directly to the ‚Eden Project’ in Israel. We always donate money directly thus avoiding any costs being taken out of our donations. We will continue to support this project in the future.

We also support Jewish people in need in Eastern Europe. Providing funds for food, medication or health treatment as well supporting Jewish education of children in Eastern Europe.

B’nai B’rith Frankfurt Lodge supports project “Eden” in Israel

The Eden Residential Home for Girls was founded in 2005 and serves as a therapeutic framework for at-risk teenage girls, aged 12-18, who have been referred by the Ministry of Welfare's Child Support Services. At present there are some 65 traumatized girls living in 'Eden' who have been removed from their homes by court order. Deeply traumatized due to the neglect and abuse they have suffered, their existing patterns of behavior are dysfunctional, destructive and often self-harming. The girls arrive in a state of confusion and emotional imbalance and have difficulty in performing daily and routine tasks, for instance getting up, going to school and showering. Yet each of the girls has the potential for building a healthy and positive life for herself.

Located in the heart of Kibbutz Carmia, approximately 5 miles south of the city of Ashkelon, “Eden” enables the girls to reap the benefits of a peaceful, rural environment and a small, warm and caring community, despite the fact that it is located on the border with the Gaza Strip and is regularly under fire from mortar bombs. Due the rockets fired into Israel from Hamas, the girls had to be evacuated from the Kibbutz. For the children and teenager this is very difficult. They are traumatized and now they have to leave a place again which became their home. There was a need of 20.000 Euro to evacuate them. The Frankfurt Schönstädt Lodge immediately agreed to cover the cost of 20.000