We organize lectures on a monthly basis on various religious, socio-political, cultural and current issues.

In 2013 these lecturers took place for example:

"Shot by a Günther Grass ?" Scenic remembering of the Shoah / Dr. Kurt Gruenberg

"Amalek. Constance and change of the enemy image "/ Prof. Dr. Alfred Bodenheimer

"100 years University of Frankfurt, the importance of the contribution to the success and development by Jewish citizen" / Prof. Dr. mult Robert Sader

"The Religious Meaning of Money" / Rabbi Dr. E. Klappheck

„The Judenzählung of 1916 and the situation of the Jews in WW I" / Dr. Peter C. Applebaum

"From the temple to the ECB - the religious significance of financial systems" / Rabbi Dr. E. Klappheck

"No love for the Jewish people" - the history - and memory debates at

Hannah Arend's Eichmann in Jerusalem / Prof. Dr. Ch. Wiese